Xcode 10: Improved Bitbucket and GitLab support

September 20th, 2018

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Xcode 10 improves version control support for Bitbucket and GitLab. You can add your Bitbucket and GitLab accounts to Xcode from Xcode’s Accounts preferences.


Click the Add button to add an account. A sheet opens.


Choose Bitbucket Cloud to add your Bitbucket account. Choose GitLab.com to add your GitLab account.

Starting in Xcode 10 you can add your Xcode project to Bitbucket or GitLab from Xcode. Open the Source Control navigator by choosing View > Navigators > Show Source Control Navigator. Select the Remotes folder, control-click, and choose Create Remote. A sheet opens.


Choose your account from the Account menu. Click the Create button to add your project to Bitbucket or GitLab.

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