Is There a More Misused Stack Overflow Tag than Xcode?

June 8th, 2018

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I tend to focus on Stack Overflow tags in the Apple ecosystem so there may be other tags that are misused. But for Apple developers the Xcode tag is misused constantly. If you go to the Stack Overflow tag for Xcode page, you will see the following explanation for the Xcode tag at the top of the page:

Xcode is Apple’s integrated development environment (IDE). USAGE NOTE: Use this tag only for questions about the Xcode IDE itself, and not for general Mac or iOS programming topics. Use [cocoa] for Mac programming questions, and [cocoa-touch] or [ios] or [Swift] for iOS programming questions.

The tag should be used only for questions involving the Xcode tool. iOS development questions should use the iOS or Cocoa Touch tags. But if you read through the questions tagged with Xcode, you’ll notice most of the questions are about iOS development and have nothing to do with Xcode besides the fact that the people asking the questions are using it.

What’s the point of having an explanation of the tag if most people ignore it?

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