Instruments: Call Tree View Is Your Friend

January 23rd, 2017

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On Stack Overflow I see the same question constantly from people who use Instruments. Instruments uncovers a problem with their app. The app could have memory leaks. It could use a lot of memory. The people asking the questions want to know how to find the area of their code that is causing the problem. I have answered questions like this multiple times on Stack Overflow. Rather than repeat myself, I will answer it here.

If you want to find the problem areas in your code with Instruments, switch to the call tree view. Select the Invert Call Tree and Hide System Libraries checkboxes to show your code in the call tree view. Double-click a function in the call tree view to find problem lines of code. More detailed information on switching to the call tree view can be found in the Allocations Instrument Call Tree section of the following article:

Getting Started with Instruments

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