Xcode 7: No More Snapshots

October 26th, 2015

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You can no longer take snapshots of your projects in Xcode 7. Use version control to track changes in your projects.

The easiest way to start with version control is to create a new Xcode project. When you are asked where to save the project, there is a checkbox to create a local git repository.

If you have an existing project you want to place under version control, start by launching the Terminal application. Navigate to your project’s directory. Run the git init command to create a git repository for your project and place it under version control.

If you need more information on using version control with Xcode, read the version control chapter of Xcode Tools Sensei, which you can find a link to by reading my post Xcode 5: Version Control Changes.


2 thoughts on “Xcode 7: No More Snapshots

  1. zaph says:

    In Xcode 7.1 to put an existing project under source control just use the Xcode: “Source Control” menu, “Create Working Copy…” command.

    • Mark Szymczyk says:


      That is an easier way to place a project under source control. I learned something. I figured creating a working copy was for projects that were already under source control.

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