Xcode 6: Embedding Third-Party Frameworks

May 11th, 2015

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Xcode 6 simplifies copying third-party frameworks to your application bundle. In previous versions of Xcode you had to add a Copy Files build phase to your application target to copy third-party frameworks and libraries to your application bundle. Xcode 6 adds an Embedded Binaries section to the target editor that you can use to copy binary files, such as frameworks and libraries, to your application bundle.

Embedded Binaries

Why would you embed third-party frameworks in your application bundle? You embed third-party frameworks your application relies on so people can use your application without having those frameworks installed on their Mac. For example if you write a game that uses the SDL framework, you should embed the SDL framework in your game so people can play the game without having to manually install the SDL framework on their Mac.


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