Xcode 6: Setting Instruments Inspection Ranges

October 29th, 2014

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In Xcode 6 Instruments no longer has toolbar buttons to set inspection ranges. How do you set inspection ranges with Instruments in Xcode 6?

Use the View menu. The View menu has items to set the start of an inspection range, set the end of an inspection range, and clear an inspection range.


3 thoughts on “Xcode 6: Setting Instruments Inspection Ranges

  1. Rich says:

    Any suggestions on how to set these for Xcode-7, which no longer offers the menu options described here?

    • Mark Szymczyk says:


      I have a post coming soon about this for Xcode 7, but for now, to set an inspection range in Xcode 7, click inside the instrument’s graph and drag. After setting the inspection range you can adjust it by dragging the lines. Click outside the inspection range to clear it.

  2. Rich says:

    That works. Thanks!

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