Xcode 5: Organizer Changes

October 14th, 2013

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Apple did not make a lot of changes to the Organizer in Xcode 5, but you can read about them here.

No Repositories and Documentation Sections

There are no Repositories and Documentation buttons at the top of the Organizer. More information on accessing repositories and documentation in Xcode 5 can be found in the following posts:

Xcode 5: Version Control Changes

Xcode 5: Reading Documentation

Devices Section Changes

There is a Re-Symbolicate button at the bottom of the Organizer to symbolicate crash logs so you can determine where the crash occurs in your code. Select a crash log and click the Re-Symbolicate button to symbolicate the crash log.

The Library section on the left no longer has the Provisioning Profiles and Software Images items.

No Organizer Button in the Project Window Toolbar

Xcode 5 removed the Organizer button in the project window’s toolbar. Choose Window > Organizer to open the Organizer.


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