Xcode 5: New File Templates

October 9th, 2013

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Xcode 5 adds two new file templates to the Resources group under both iOS and Mac OS X. They are an asset catalog and a SpriteKit particle file. An asset catalog packages your project’s assets (examples are application icons, document icons, and launch images) in one place. Asset catalogs make it easier to support both retina and non-retina displays. New Cocoa and iOS projects include an asset catalog. Use the asset catalog template to add an asset catalog to projects created in earlier versions of Xcode.

The SpriteKit particle file template provides a starting point for creating particle effects for SpriteKit games. An example of using particle effects is having an object explode when you shoot it in a game. If you add a SpriteKit particle file to your project, you will be asked to choose a particle template. Xcode provides the following particle templates: bokeh, fire, fireflies, magic, rain, smoke, snow, and spark.


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