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May 15th, 2013

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I rebuilt my site using the Twitter Bootstrap framework. Code listings should be easier to read now, and the site should be easier to read on tablets and smartphones.

The downside is that the blog currently does not match the new look of the rest of the site. I had a WordPress theme that came close to matching the look of the site, but it had two problems. First, going to the blog froze the browser when I tested it on Internet Explorer 7. Second, I couldn’t submit comments, even when I was logged in as the administrator of this blog. So for now I’m using one of the default WordPress themes.

Update (May 21)

I created a custom WordPress theme that looks similar to the rest of my site, including the navbar. The theme is bare bones, but it supports the most common actions. Plus, it doesn’t have the problems I had with the other theme. I can load the blog in Internet Explorer 7. I can submit comments using Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Camino on Mac OS X, Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox on Vista, Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8, and Firefox on Linux Mint.

The theme is still a work in progress. The two biggest problems are the following: First, some multi-line code listings show up as a series of one-line code blocks instead of one large block. Second, if you’re signed in to WordPress, there is some whitespace above the navbar when viewing the blog.

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