Great Job Opportunity for Mac and iOS Developers

August 9th, 2012

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I found the following job listing on Yahoo’s mac-dev-jobs list:

We are developing developing a software for iPad to make IOS apps without
coding! So no coding necessary. It is drag-and-drop so you drag in behaviors and
it does the rest for you. As of now we are just making an iPad version, but we
really want to have a Mac Creator in our near future. In this project we are
looking for somebody that knows how to make a program for a Mac. We can explain
more details after we are contacted. In this job we are making it so if you want
the app, you need to pay. So each developer will pay $200-$500 (that’s an
estimate). We will not pay up front because we will start making the money once
we release the creator. – I need a iOS developer to help me with developing the
iPad editor,
– I need a Mac developer for a Mac editor (I use editor and creator
– I could really use someone who has experience with the XNA framework from
Microsoft all in C#. We want somebody who would be looking to make this creator
full time and will be dedicated to be part of the Jango team. If anyone is
interested please contact us!

Not only do you get to work full time for no pay, you get to pay $200-$500 for the privilege. I would consider applying, but I’m sure they’re already swamped with applicants.

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