Xcode 4 Book Status Update: May 21

May 21st, 2011

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The book is coming along, but not as quickly as I want. I spent a bunch of time on custom project templates and came to the realization that Xcode 4 project templates were not meant to be created manually. I am not going to put the custom project template material in the book because I do not have enough confidence in the material to put it in print, but I will make the material available online.

The Instruments and Interface Builder chapters are the chapters that have the most work to do. I have been working on the Instruments chapter the past few days and hope to have it ready for proofreading in the next few days.


2 thoughts on “Xcode 4 Book Status Update: May 21

  1. James Lee says:

    Any news? Need anyone to study a draft?

    • Mark Szymczyk says:


      I have four chapters ready to lay out, with a fifth chapter really close. If you want to review a draft, send me an email. I could use someone who knows something about programming to take a look at some chapters.

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