Reading Third-Party Documentation in Xcode 3.2

January 22nd, 2010

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Apple supplies documentation sets that let you read Mac OS X, iPhone, and developer tools documentation in Xcode. But you are not limited to reading Apple’s documentation in Xcode. This post shows you how to install and read third-party documentation in Xcode.

Xcode has one requirement for third-party documentation sets. The documentation set must be either an RSS or Atom feed. If you want an example of a documentation set, the cocos2D game engine has an Atom feed at the following URL:

Opening Xcode’s Documentation Preferences

Open Xcode’s preferences by choosing Xcode > Preferences. Click the Documentation button in the Xcode toolbar window. The Documentation button is on the far right. You’ll have to use the scroll bar to get to it unless you have a very wide monitor. You should see the documentation sets on the left side of the documentation preferences.

Documentation Sets.png

Adding a Documentation Feed

Click the Add Documentation Set Publisher button. You will be asked for a feed URL. RSS feeds start with feed:// while Atom feeds start with http://. Click the OK button when you’ve finished entering the feed URL.

Installing the Documentation

After adding your documentation feed, it should appear in the list of available sets. Click the Get button to install the documentation in Xcode.

Reading the Documentation

After installing the documentation, open Xcode’s documentation window by choosing Help > Developer Documentation. Click the Home button in the documentation window toolbar. A menu with a list of installed documentation sets opens. The documentation set you installed should be one of the menu choices. Choose it to read the documentation.

Removing the Documentation

To remove documentation you installed, open Xcode’s documentation preferences. Select the documentation set from the list of available sets. Right-click and choose Reveal In Finder. Drag the documentation set to the Trash.


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